Hi Master,

Starting a new character can be a hassle, but there are a few ways to level.

  1. Completing Main Quest
    MainQuest-01By completing on the main quest you will be able to level from level 1 to level 30 in 1 hour. Basically when you level up a new main quest will be activated.
    Upon reaching level 30, it will be slightly harder to level thus please refer to step 2 to assist you.
  2. Completing Loop/Bounty Quest
    Another way to level up is by completing all the bounty/daily/loop quests.

    Note: There is a limit cap on the numbers quests completed per day which will be reset daily.

    Tips: You can use item “Reward Reel” to add additional count to complete quest further.

  3. Auto Battling

    There is a “Auto-Fight” feature which literally allow your hero to attack automatically thus head to an area of monsters and fight.

    Note: Experience gained from monsters is quite low thus recommended to auto-fight while you are resting or when all quests have been completed.