Hi Masters,

Below are the top 5 ways to obtain equipment.

  1. Mine

    Mine allow user to farm equipment while they are offline.
    Equipment obtained from Mine may not be that fantastic but the good thing it can be “smelt”.

    Note: user must occupy at least one Mine.

  2. Smelt

    Salvage unwanted equipment by heading to the “Smelt” menu.
    Points will be awarded and added to the progress bar, when the bar is fully completed user will receive a orange grade equipment.
    To get there you can click on the “Forge” button and select “Smelt”.

    Tips: By salvaging purple and orange grade equipment will complete the progress bar faster. On top of that smelt points will be awarded and can be use to redeem for other equipment.

  3. Exchange

    Better grade equipment can also be found in the “Exchange” menu. Based on individual tab the required piece will be different.

    Tips: We encourage user to farm crystal at “Team Dungeon” as there is no cap on how many entry you can enter. This allow user to collect the require crystal faster and exchange for the equipment/parts.

  4. Trade

    User can purchase equipment via the trade system using cash gems.
    [Strongly not recommended]

    Note: Bind gems will not be able to use in the trade system.

  5. Opening Gearbox
    Gearbox can be obtained by completing blackmart quest.

    Tips: Recommended to keep and open at level 50 above, reason been higher level equipment will be harder to obtain and require more pieces at the exchange shop.