Hi Masters,

If you are unaware on what Pokemon Go spoofing cheat is about, allow me to explain further below.

GPS spoofing actually trick the server on the location you will be at, the location could be configured manually by the user. With so many GPS spoofing software released in the market, we would still prefer the “Nox” player.

You can download the Nox player at the link below

-Click on the image-

1. Once you have clicked on the link above, you will arrive on a page like the screenshot above.

2. Download Pokemon Go apk  at apkpure.com
Apparently we were unable to download Pokemon go from the google play store using Nox thus we highly recommend you download the apk from apkpure.

3. Install the Nox players which you have downloaded earlier on.

4. Launch Nox players and config your google account.
Head to setting and add your current google account.

5. Before you are able to play Pokemon go, you are require to install the Pokemon Go Apk. You can either drag the apk file onto the screen (Circle 01-Which will auto install the apk for you) or you can click on the (Circle 02) to locate the apk manually.

6. Always press on the location icon and set your current location before opening the Pokemon Go app.

7. Best part of this application, it also allow you to walk/run/drive in-game.
Recommend you to set the speed to walking speed and walk slowly to prevent been banned. To control left or right, its pretty straight forward using WASD while Q and E is to set the speed limit.

Note: USE THE APP AT YOUR OWN RISK, we are not liable for any account been banned.

Have fun spoofing.