Hi Masters,

Similar to most games, you will be able to add up friends or strangers to your friend list.
In Devilian, ally points will be awarded for each user you send or receive from.
Ally points can be used to purchase free energy from the shop list.

a) Click on the small arrow on the left of the screen
b) Select on the “Allies” Button.
c) Click on “Form Alliances” and select on “Suggested Allies” or “Player Search”
*Player Search is for searching your own friend in the servers if not please use the suggested allies
d) Once clicked on the suggest Allies list, you can mass spam request.
*Alternatively you could use the refresh button to refresh the list.

e) The final step, click on the “Send All” or “Accept All”.

Note: You will only able to send/receive Ally points, only after adding the friend/strangers for more than 24hours.