Hi Masters,

Event_SS01.png(Event Date: 14th Nov to 30th Dec 16)

(Event Date: 15th Nov to 4th Dec 16)

There are a series of events currently running, we like the “Level Up” event which You will be able to obtain xx weapons from level 1 – 30. There is a chance to obtain Heroic and Epic weapon so do remember to manually collect it before it gone.

*Finger Crossed* hope you all get more epic gears thus will auto qualify for the 2nd event which is based on the total number of epic items owed at the end of the event. You will be rewarded with a fantastic amount of gems.

Collecting “Level up” event rewards

a) Click on the “Event” Button
b) Follow by clicking on the “Level Up” Banner
c) If you have met the requirement the “Claim Reward” will be highlight in pink.
d) Click on it and the reward will be send to your mailbox.