Hi Masters,

By following the below methods you will be able to obtain level 120 in a day without spending a single cents.

1. Completing all the Quests Available
All the quests provide the highest EXP and you will be able to obtain rewards along the way. Within an hour we were able to reach at least level 70.

2. Using Free Buff provided
When you newly created a character free goblin and VIP pass will be given to you upon completing the certain quest. Remember to fully utilize the buff as they are time limited and will expire.
Goblin Wisdom – 2hours
VIP Pass – 1hours

3. World Level Bonus
When joining a new server, players difference level matter thus in this game they provided such EXP boost so that you can catch up with the server players.
Nothing needed to be done by you but just enjoy and rush level accordingly.

4. Daily (Auto-Combat Mode)

Once you reached level 50, the daily button will be unlocked one of the best features available in the game. It allows you to auto-attack monsters to hunt and gain EXP.
Normally when we are busy and do not wish to offline first (AC Mode required to be earned from daily quests) we do not want to waste it first thus we will make full use of this feature by auto-combat mode.

5. Offline AC Mode

Offline AC mode have to be earned, you can obtain it from quests. Normally for us, we would use this offline AC mode when we are heading to bed.

Note: Offline AC mode will auto-activate once you log out, so to prevent it from activating, afk-ing on your mobile device and select the (Auto-Combat Mode).