Hi Masters,

Ward is your companion fighting along your side in this mobile game. Today we are going to teach you how to level and evolve your ward.

1. Events

There is an event running to obtain ward pill. When salvaging ward pill it will turn into soul dust. Soul dust is required for evolution.
Event period (left 4 days thus will end on 31st Nov 16) depending on individual server.
Currently, we are in Server 15.

2. Completing Daily Wasteland
Wasteland is also another alternative to obtain ward pill and ward feed.

3. Devouring “Rare” Equipments
Purple color (Magic) grade equipment can be fed as EXP to your companion.

4. Evolving Ward

Once you have obtained enough soul dust from salvaging ward pill you can  promote accordingly. When it have been fully awakened, it will transform into form.