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Exchanging of Guild Coins

Hi Masters,

There are a variety of rewards which can be redeemed in the guild shop.

[Updated as of 24th May 2016]
-Philopator have been removed and replaced with Skadi
-Coins exchange have also been removed and replaced with Philopator Piece

Here’s a list on what you should exchange;

Top Priority

  1. Anubis / Skadi (Hero) – Depending on what hero you need
  2. Anubis /Skadi piece
  3. Drill Master Whistle

Lowest Priority

  1. Philopator 
  2. Philopator piece
  3. 200k Coins


a) Anubis (Hero)
Anubis has a excellent leadership buff which allow the group to stun opponents upon critical damage.

b) Anubis piece
This piece is require to further boost the Anubis skill damage and used for evolution.

c) Drill Master Whistle
Each whistle will minus 5hours duration in the barrack, allowing you to level or awaken heros faster.

d) Philopator (Removed as of 24th May 2016)
At the moment Phiopator is slightly under-rated, the passive buff is not quite useful.
Long cooldown before able to use the knock-back skill.

e) Philopator piece
This piece is require to further boost the Philopator skill damage and used for evolution.

f) 200k Coins (Removed as of 24th May 2016)
Exchange of coins is always the last priority as coins can be easily farmed in “Infinite Challenge” or “Coins Dungeon”.

g) Skadi (Hero)
Skadi has an amazing leadership buff which is almost like Anubis, but instead of stunning the opponents it freeze them instead.
She also has fast casting skill to knock-back and Freeze.(Skill casting time is also as fast as Tristan)

h) Skadi piece
This piece is require to further boost the Skadi skill damage and used for evolution.