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How to farm Coins

Hi Masters,

Here are two quick ways to earn coins;

  1. Clearly 5 tries infinite challenge
  2. Searching for Coin Special Dungeon randomly at 5 pm or 9 pm (GMT+8)

Infinite Challenge
In Infinite Challenge not only you are able to obtain coins, there is also a chance which you may find other rewards like whistle or option cards.

Currently for our infinite challenge, we are at level 70.  Based on each round, we are able to obtain 80-100k coins per rounds with the VIP Bonus thus 5 tries we can easily obtain 400-500k coins.

Coin Special Dungeon
Gold Dungeon-01

For coin special dungeon, this event is only open randomly at 5 or 9 pm (GMT+8). Coin special dungeon allow you to loot lots of golds if you complete the stage.

We recommend that you bring along a coin mule, 3 Strong main characters and 1 coin mule.
What a coin mule?
Basically this coin mule does not do anything. (Recommended class priest).
This priest will be equipped with 2 “Goblin Gold Sack” option cards which will boost the reward of coins received.
Each round you can easily earn 100-120k coins if you participated in the 20 energy coin special dungeon.