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How to Guild Battle

Hi Masters,

Guild Battle was recently added to the game, guilds can now fight against other guilds and snatch the top guild title.

Currently there an event running which user can receive rewards as long as they have participated in the guild battle. Other than the event rewards, there are also rewards like gems and guild coins based on how many crowns the user have obtained through the battle.

Special Event Rewards 
Note: Event will only last till 17th May 2016.

How to participate in guild battle
1.  Join a guild

2. Speak to the guild master/elder and check on the guild battle timing
(Reason been only the guild master/elder can activate the guild battle)

3. Once the guild battle have been activated, head in and set 3 team of 5 heros.
Example like below;
4. Now you just have to wait for the 1 hours preparation time is over.
(Normally after the guild battle have been activated, the guild master/elder have to wait for 1 hours before the guild battle can start)

5. After the 1 hours preparation time, the guild master/elder can choose to start the battle if not he/she could wait till more players have joined before starting the battle.

6.Searching for an opponent guilds may take time, sometime ranging from 30 minutes onward so please be patient as the system match up.

7. Once the guild battle begin, you can choose to attack any opponent members by clicking on the Battle button. Set your hero and prepare to fight!

-User can only attack those who have remaining crowns.
-Each user can only battle 3 times.
-Only members who have registered can participate, so too bad for those missed out.

8. One crown will be awarded if you managed to defeat each level thus a total of 3 crowns.
Best scenario is to knock out 3 floors within one battle tries and obtain 3 crowns.

9.To determine which guild have won is based on the total number of crown obtained.
So for example this case, “Changing the World” have more crown than “Sunshine” thus
“Changing The World” have won the guild battle.